Wecome at R.J. Barasia T.T. College

To evolve and implement a new programs of teacher education that would provide education and training to prospective teachers that aim at development of new integral development of teachers. To train prospective teachers based on globally benchmarked curriculum with ideas gleaned from the fusion of the intellectual traditions of India and the West. To equip teachers with the competencies requisite for dealing with the 21st century issues of the choices and challenges of students. To impart teacher training which enables the prospective teachers to see the obtaining world in the new light of universal human values. To promote the indigenous tradition of teacher-student relationship (Guru-Shishya parampara) in various fields of humanities, arts, crafts, sciences, technologies and yoga (psychological and physical education). To publish and disseminate results of advanced research relating to teachers&lsquot; education for purposes of advancement of capacities to teach and learn among professional teachers as also among parents, social educators and social workers.