Sports Activity-

R.J. Barasia T.T College encourages sports skills among students because we know that team spirit, discipline and dedication are the virtues which are found only in games, so to develop these values among students, we focus on sports activities in college.

The college encourages all students to participate in sports activities and physical training. College sends the promising students to the training programs conducted by the specialized training instructors of the University Campus. The college organizes “Sports Week” every year when a whole lot of events like Karate, Chess, Kho-Kho, Rope Mallakhamb etc. are conducted. Students are also encouraged to participate in indoor games like Carom, Chess and Table-Tennis. Besides these, emphasis is also given to Yoga and Martial Arts.

Play Ground:We have a big playground and equipments to play various games and sports. Apart from PT teachers, we have special coaches for each game such as Volley ball, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Kho Kho, and Karate,etc..