Educational Psychology provides a base to education. The aims and objectives of educational Psychology is the development of wholesome personality with continuous growth. It helps the teacher in understanding the human nature. This knowledge of the human nature will lead to the growth of children and will help in the directing of the learning activities. Educational Psychology thus aim the harmonious growth and rightful conduct of the children. It also helps to develop proper attitude in the teacher about the educational problems. Thus Educational Psychology has important place in B.Ed. curriculum. In R.J Barasia T.T. College the lab has a large collection of Psychological tests, charts and batteries. There are almost thirty five inventories and scales related to various aspects of human Psychology.
We all know that for making a teaching learning process quite a success students aptitude, intellectual level, intesest, personality, adaptibility and other such psychological parameters are to be measured through proper tests and experiments. To materialize this, this institution harbours a spacious well equipped psychology resource centre having all infrastructural facilities with psychological test equipments like, KNPI for personality, Kohs Block Design Test for intelligence, Passi Test of creativity etc. CDs on human growth and developmental stages, Conditioned reflex test, videos, transparencies, power point etc. for convenient course of studies and experimentations.